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Release :12/03/2019

From the 5th to 8th of March 2019, the Carnot network has displayed a corporate stand on the “Global Industrie” event dedicated to the industry of the future, at Eurexpo, Lyon (France).

The Carnot network, as a true motor for innovation, was present through a stand which gathered the offers of its various institutes. It was also an opportunity to display innovative demonstrators and breakthrough technologies from the Carnot Institutes, such as:

  • 3D reconstruction of buildings with a smartphone;
  • Switched cells technology that revolutionizes the field of batteries;
  • Stand-alone heating moulds for structural parts made of composite materials;
  • Immersive virtual reality training of maintenance operators;
  • High quality optical devices which are lighter and more compact for digital devices;

>>> Find more detailed information about these demonstrators (French only)

Carnot Energies for the Future Institute was present at this major event by displaying a demonstrator (SIGMA CELLS) in close collaboration with Carnot LETI and through a pitch with SEED Energy.

About Carnot Energies for the Future and SEED ENERGY partnership

SEED ENERGY supports stakeholders of the energy transition by developing multi-technologies and multi-energy intelligent systems to foster the renewable energies integration. Its software model ODYSSEY has been developed thanks to R&D projects driven by Carnot Energies for the Future which has also participated to SEED ENERGY’s maturation.

SEED ENERGY relied on Carnot Energies du Future’s expertise to develop an innovative software model that enables companies and communities to choose their own energy systems according to their economic patterns and performance targets.

About SIGMA CELLS: an uprising technology: batteries for e-mobility

SIGMA CELLS is a switched cells technology that revolutionizes the world of batteries for e-transportation by revisiting the traditional architectures and using the multi-cells power source as a key benefit. With an all-in-one inverter, charger and advanced battery management system, this innovative solution ensures continuity of service and longer autonomy. Thanks to its compactness and lightness, this system is designed for various e-mobility applications regardless of the power size. Its integrated fast charger allows a direct recharge on the electrical network.

SIGMA CELLS, an innovative all-in-one inverter, charger and advanced battery management system for enhanced e-mobility.

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