Who are we?

Carnot Énergies du futur

The Carnot Énergies du futur institute gathers fourteen multidisciplinary research laboratories in the field of low-carbon energy technologies. By combining high level research with a culture of partnership and industrial transfer since 2007, Énergies du futur teams aim to develop innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the energy transition.

By covering the whole energy value chain, from materials to systems, we are aware of the major societal challenges and the industrial constraints.

We invent the energy of the future!

Carnot: research that leads to industrial innovation

With 1 400 researchers, Énergies du futur is a key partner for developing the energy transition. The Carnot's driving force is to develop innovative solutions for industry through research partnerships. The laboratories labeled "Carnot Énergies du futur" are part of the national and local ecosystem for research and innovation on various collaborative projects.

A renowned fund of knowledge

Énergies du futur laboratories are achieving more than 700 scientific publications per year. By covering the whole value chain from materials to systems and uses, these new insights are developing innovative solutions for the future. With a patent portfolio of 1 400, research teams are able to build the future innovations.

An opportunity to access R&D and technological platforms

To strengthen a close link between research and industrial applications, Énergies du futur relies on advanced platforms to create innovation from proof-of-concept to industrial transfer by considering some demands such as scale factors and environmental constraints. With cutting-edge equipments, valuable technical means linked to skills and research teams expertise, research turns into innovation.

Our main goal is to create a close link between public research and industry, by giving the opportunity for companies to access the french leading laboratories and advanced technological platforms trough innovative partnerships.

One mission, two mainstays: scientific excellence and high-level research partnerships

Public research laboratories with the "Carnot" label are selected by the MESR (Research and Higher Education Department) according to criteria of scientific excellence and high-level research partnerships. The Carnot label is regularly evaluated.

Scientific excellence

Researchers are already committed in high-level projects and collaborations with industry. Carnot adds resources to strenghten the laboratories' expertise and to prepare future technology transfers and mid-term partnerships (3 to 5 years).

Research partnerships

Carnot's laboratories are already committed in partnerships with industry. Carnot develops contractual relations in accordance with costs and intellectual property. Industrial partnership are the best way to innovate.