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McPhy: storing hydrogen on the hybrides

McPhy has signed its first contract with CEA-Liten in July 2009. The partnership is supported by the Carnot Énergies du futur institute and led to the implementation on an industrial scale tanks. Currently, McPhy markets its innovative solutions for hydrogen storage.

The growing of McPhy was dazzling, and the company quickly contracted abroad. Its customers are Enel (Italian leader on electricity supply) and Iwatani Corporation (Japan's leading provider of hydrogen).

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Vesta-system: active management of energy flow in buildings


Vesta-system is a Grenoble start-up, born in 2011, from two laboratories of Énergies du futur Carnot institute (G2Elab and G-SCOP). Vesta-system has developed a software which manage actively energy flows in buildings. This innovative solution can anticipate on a  day (24 hours) the whole energy system of building, considering different parameters (weather forecast, acting and uses of the inhabitants, local power, network information, building parameters,...) to optimize energy consumption and costs. Schneider Electric, Thales and Orange are now in the company customer portfolio.

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SymbioFCell: lower the production cost of fuel cells

SymbioFCell is a company created in 2010, following a project supported by Carnot Énergies du futur institute between CEA-Liten and Siemens partnership. SymbioFCell develops hydrogen fuel cell for the transport sector (between 5 and 20 kW and between 40 and 300 kilowatts). In September 2012, SymbioFCell inaugurated the first European production site of hydrogen fuel cells systems based on Siemens energy site in Grenoble, France.

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Freemens: extend and guarantee the battery life

Freemens is a start-up created in 2011 at Grenoble. It comes from laboratory G2Elab, which is a joint research unit of Grenoble INP, CNRS and Université Grenoble Alpes. Freemens has devised solutions for the sustainable management of electrochemical storage. The objective is to extend and ensure a long battery life.

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