Concrete solutions for recycling photovoltaic modules

Topics : Energy production - Solar

Release :08/02/2016

About new solutions for recycling photovoltaic modules.

With the energy transition context, recycling photovoltaic materials is a key issue. Specific solutions for photovoltaic modules are intended by CEA-Liten teams at INES with the launch of the CABRISS project. Based on the growing concept of a 'circular economy' the CABRISS project aims to:

  • Collect up to 90% of the photovoltaic waste in Europe,
  • Retrieve up to 90% valued raw materials (Silicium, Indium, Silver),
  • Produce cost-effective (-25%) photovoltaic cells and modules from recycled raw materials while keeping performance with a specific process.

These sustainable solutions for recycling photovoltaic waste are a good opportunity for European solar photovoltaic industry to reach 50% of the European market in 2020.

During the 6th International Conference on crystal photovoltaics "Silicon PV" at Chambéry (center of congress Le Manège) a thematic day will focus on recycling phtovoltaic. For more information, please check our agenda.

  • More information on INES website.

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