Energies du Futur contributes to "Technologies 2020" study

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Release :28/06/2016

Énergies du Futur Carnot Institute contribution for study for French competitiveness.

The report "2020 Key Technologies" has been published. This study led by the Ministry of Economic, Industry and Digital department, focuses on technologies that will increase French competitiveness in a medium-term objective.

This fifth edition of the study led by Directorate General for Entreprise (DGE), has gathered the expertise of academical and industrial players. Of course, in the field of energy, the Energies du Futur Carnot Institute was involved in.

This study has been carried out from 2014 to the beginning of the year and it deals with various key markets : nutrition, environment, habitat, security, healthcare, mobility, energy, digital, leisure and culture. As a result, 47 technologies are regarded as critical to reach specific markets and ensure competitiveness.

As an operational guide for companies, in particular SMEs, this study is also an analytical tool to lead to key markets and uses for the future. This is also an opportunity for Energies du Futur to be regarded as one of the major player in the field of innovation for energy and to enhance its expertise for companies.

More information : https://www.entreprises.gouv.fr/politique-et-enjeux/technologies-cles-2020

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