Book release on "Materials for sustainable energy applications"

Topics : Transversal Skills - Materials and Processes for Energy

Release :21/11/2016

The book "Materials for Sustainable Energy Applications: Conversion, Storage, Transmission, and Consumption" has been released this year.

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"Materials for Sustainable Energy Applications" cover

This book co-edited by David MUÑOZ-ROJAS, researcher at LMGP (a laboratory member of Carnot Énergies du futur institute), gives a unified and comprehensive presentation of the fundamentals and the use and design of materials for efficient sustainable energy applications, such as conversion, storage, transmission and consumption. It deals with general coverage of the use and design of advanced materials for sustainable energy applications.

Chapter 2 is dedicated to materials for solar cells and it has been co-written by researchers from the LMGP laboratory: David Muñoz-Rojas, Hongjun Liu, Joao Resende, Daniel Bellet, Jean-Luc Deschanvres, Vincent Consonni et Shanting Zhang.

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