SEED-Energy: a new start-up that evaluates energy systems!

Topics : Conversion - Storage

Release :21/11/2017

Created in August 2017 at CEA-Liten, the start-up SEED-Energy offers an energy system's evaluation and a support for energy stakeholders.

Created in august 2017 at CEA-Liten (member of Carnot “Energies du futur” institute), the start-up SEED-Energy offers an energy system’s evaluation and a support for energy stakeholders.

SEED-Energy, aims to promote the integration of renewable energies in companies aware of the environmental issue . Created by Benjamin Guinot, research engineer at CEA-Liten, SEED-Energy values the innovative potential of the Odyssey’s simulation platform, in order to optimize the sizing of the system’s components and the energy management strategy.

The simulation platform Odyssey was originally used to test energy storage solutions. Then, it was used to evaluate, on various standards, the energy systems as a whole: production, processing, storage…By developing this innovative software solution, SEED-Energy helps the energy stakeholders to develop more intelligent systems, providing various sources of energies (electricity, heat, natural gas, hydrogen, etc.) and various technologies (conventional production, renewable energy production, energy conversion and storage).

SEED-Energy offers to energy stakeholders various means to select relevant technologies in their project, to optimize components sizing and energy management strategies to evaluate economic cost-effectiveness and related environmental impacts.

This complete tool is also adaptable to industrials needs and offers energy systems’ simulations to realize techno-economic assessment.

With a comprehensive range of services, SEED-Energy allows stakeholders to be autonomous in study, design and optimization of their energy systems in order to play a larger part in the energy transition.

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