Research training

Adressing the challenge of energy transition

Control of renewable energy sources engages the future of our planet. The Carnot Énergies du futur institute acts in his domain, to address this challenge with companies.

Living in a scientific environment

Énergies du futur has a supportive and dynamic environment. With international scientific equipment (Institut Lauë-Langevin, European Synchrotron Radition Facility), Grenoble city combines two competitive clustrers: Tenerrdis and Minalogic and maintaining close ties with Lyon biopole Rhône Alpes and Axelera.

Fit into a professional dynamic way

The Carnot Institute Energy Future is at the forefront of research partnerships. It brings together the public research key players on the topic of New Energy Technologies and builds links with the industrial partners.

As a doctoral and post-doctoral students, you will benefit from this dual environment between research and industry. You can develop an approach to innovative R&D on current energy problems.

You can increase your education and experiences through collaborations with other French and foreign research centers, who are already working with the Institut Carnot Énergies du futur.

With the diversity of  Energies du futur laboratories, your approach will be multi-criteria and will focus on both scientific, technical aspects and environmental or societal features.