Quality management system

Since its creation in 2007, Énergies du futur Carnot institute aims to professionalise its laboratories through a consistent approach linking research to industry. Therefore, the Carnot has expanded its ISO 9001 certification to four of its laboratories and also to its overall management. Thanks to the involvement of specialised teams in the quality management process, 80% of Énergies du futur' scope is now certified.

Our quality policy

Our quality policy is based on an evolving system open to all members. To achieve this objective, the institute is working on:

  • Establishing common working practices and shared values,
  • Improving professionalisation of a unique R&D/Tech transfer office through various processes aimed at industry and be using existing tools from the institute's partners,
  • Ensuring an increase in research revenues by developing good practices in the fields of contract management and intellectual property with the support of industry.

Our commitment

We are fully commited to become a key partner for the development of sustainable energy technologies both at home and elsewhere in Europe. This close partnership with industry is based upon a wide range of capabilities and on the quality of our resources. This partnership is also linked to the professional development of our laboratories. To this end, the institute is developing a continuous quality improvement initiative in order to support best practice in contract management and intellectual property, in cooperation with industry and with a common objective: to achieve high standards of professionalism.