Transversal enabling skills

Technologies of energy production, conversion and optimization purposes, are based on a set of transferable skills. Our laboratories have a strong expertise in materials (low environmental impact, reducing the amount and increase performance). It is based on extensive analyzes at different stages of design manufacturing (life cycle), as well as an analysis of the performance and durability of prototypes (modeling and supervision).

Materials and processes for energy
  • Materials with specific properties (superconductors, thermoelectric, dielectric, magnetic)
  • Structural materials (mechanical strength, corrosion resistance)
  • Multimaterials composites
  • Advanced characterization of materials (ex situ, in situ, in operando)
Life Cycle Analysis
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Recycling
  • Eco-design
Modeling and supervision
  • Modeling software
  • Supervision
  • Human machine interface, ergonomy
  • Business model