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" We are committed to creating value, with you. "

Our offer is open to all companies, whether small or larger .

Our partnership offers strive to be closer to your needs : Our laboratories take into account all technical and economic constraints of a project as a whole. Working with “Energies du future” , means that  you will be accompanied from the idea to the legal defense of licenses.



What are the possible types of contracts?

For us, every partner relationship is unique. That’s why we offer different types of contracts, whose terms are variables:

  •  The Expertise contract is a limited time study conducted by researchers at the request of a company.
  • The research contract is a long-term exploratory study made by a research team of PhD students and supervisors at the request of a company.                                                           
  • The collaboration agreement involves several partners (companies, research organizations and institutions such as OSEO, ANR, FUI and Europe) around a research project.
  • The joint laboratory is a partnership where each player deploys its staff dedicated to a common project structure of R & D.

To define what type of contract is best for you, you will meet our experts at a technical consultation. This will clarify the level of maturity, the financial arrangements and the intellectual property that suits you.

What are the possible financial supports

The “crédit d’impôt recherche CIR” is a French tax refund help for company R&D.

Learn more on : www.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv

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